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Left Reedvile early in the morning, went north cause there were the charters were heading, started at the SP but learned of a good bite further north. Trolled north, at least 50 boats. As more boats trolled the bite slowed, fish scattered. Had a couple nice fish but thats it, left there around 2. But learned from two other boats last nite that bite came back on around 4. Oh well, I missed it.

Friends of mine are catching them in the Potomac below Ragged Pt. Chip and Robert, tks for putting me on those lures, thats all we caught them on yesterday.

Alot of charters moved south to VB. There are very few fish right now (from what I know) south of Reedville at the cut, 59A, RP, ghost hole. But lots and lots of bait and big fish north from Smith Pt up. The middle bay waters are still 46 degrees and menhadden are still north and in the Potomac, so the fish are there. Good news is they will come south and past us, and good news is the big schools of ocean fish moving down the Atlantic from way up north (like NY/NJ) are just showing up in VB, and some of these will come up the bay. Last year at this time I was catching em down the cut. So 2 weeks left, lots of fishing left
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