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Florida Bay has been on fire as of April with schools of large redfish cruising the flats. I have seen 20 -30 fish in a school all around 9 to 10-pound category. The smaller fish are not in the schools yet and they seem to be in potholes waiting to ambush mullet. Along with the reds are some really big trout for Flamingo. The biggest trout we have landed was 6.5lbs and a bunch more between 4 to 6lbs, just as the smaller redfish, these large trout were in potholes ambushing mullet. Some good size snook are also playing the same game in potholes. The snook have not shown up as thick on the flats as of yet but I am expecting them at any time now, when they show up expect some exciting fishing in the mornings until the end of July into early August. I am using the Spike-It holographic lures working
them in and around the holes. Remember to imitate your bait and Spike-It lures have some of the best jerk baits and colors around. I am using a #2 Owner hook with a 1/8 oz shot above the lure, also making sure the tip of the hook is at the top of the lure and is easily punctured insuring a quality hook set.

Tarpon are on the move from spot to spot! Some days they are easy to find in deeper water around flats and some days it is not as easy in Florida Bay. Early calm mornings are the easiest ways of finding them rolling and most of these fish are in schools of 10-30. If you are fishing in light colored water they are easier to see as it looks like a large black cloud moving on top of the water with fish breaking the surface. Throwing live bait like a mullet or pilchard in front of them should get a bite. Getting in front of
the school and throwing a fly (colors: black and red, yellow and brown are some choices) on 12-weight gear will be another great step in capturing one of these silver kings.

Biscayne Bay is also a great place to fish for Tarpon. The deeper water on the ocean side flats is the place you will want to be. These fish will be on the move and again the schools will hold roughly the same numbers as Islamorada and Florida Bay.

Permit have also shown up as the water has warmed up nicely. Merijo Attong, of Homestead, caught a 36 lber on a live crab in late April. These fish can show up in schools of 20-50 fish swimming with their backs out of the water or tailing singled out fish. They can get very big as the largest I have taken in the bay was 44 ¾ lbs on a Quantum reel, 7 ft medium action rod and 10 lb power pro and a # 1 Owner hook. Most of the schooling fish average 20-25lbs and live crabs are a must.

Bonefish in South Biscayne Bay have been nice to me lately as well, with nice bonefish schooling up and eating live small crabs since the shrimp are small this time of the year. Many shots are had with calm and warm days with these fish averaging 10 lbs and a fly fisherman's dream!

Capt. Jim Hale
Cane Polin' Charters
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