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Went out Sunday, late start due to the Mayweather fight the night before. Boy should have never ordered/watch that fight, what a waist of money.

Out of Sandy point state park at 9am
got out to Love point and set 2 planer boards with a potpourri of goodies for the little fish from alien heads with 7inch, to umbrellas, daisy, singles.

Water was very calm, water temp was 61 sun was bright, beer was cold.

Fish finder showed lots of bait over by the eastern side of the channel (where all the boats where) So we continued to zig zag around there. I would head in a west to east fashion, but it appeared that the charter boat captains where going North South. So I decided to go N/South. 10 minutes later and.....we got the inside planer board line bent over like a son of a *****. 5 minutes later we landed a nice 38 inch fish. It fought like it was a whole lot bigger, and thought we where going to be eating rock for dinner. came on board and measured it 12 times, took a couple photos and put her back to grow bigger.

Continued to fish another 4 hours and just 1 knock down on the large umbrella 14 bars back.

Best part was when we came back to sandy point beach DNR came up to me on the ramp and was trying to be my friend...all nice and fun. He goes man nice day! how many fish did you get out there!? ME "uhhh just a 38" he then goes man he must be big, can i see him? Me "nice try buddy" he smiled and walked away.


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