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fishing report. SAT ON THE EAST COAST.

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3 Citations, Fishing with Capt Rady,Jeff,Nick,left Marina Sholas about 6/30 am.. Proceeded to the fishing grounds on the eastern shore.Really a rough ride out but can stand to get beat up a bit to catch a BIG FISH. on arriveal started drifting eels. free lineno weight what so ever. You have got to love it when you here that reel startSCREEMING. WAS ASLOW COLD DAY FOR FISHING but worth the pain.Headed back to long bayat 8/30pm..Two sucessful trips in a row Hope it will only get much sweeter.. Here we go 48lb 4 o/z 48 in... , 41lb 46 in ..., 411/2 lb..., 46 in...,321/2 lb...,36 in ..., 30lb...,35in..., for atotal of 5 great fish..., Hey you guys good luck and be careful,, WILL POST THE PICS SOON I HOPE..., CAPT, BILL MITCHEM.:clapping2:
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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