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I have enjoyed reading the tips from others on this forum so I hope this report may help someone catch some fish around the York.

We fished Dec 6th, starting at a 60ft hole upriver of the Coleman (2 miles) and picked up a 24in on the bottom. Marked a lot of bait there and had 2 more hits. I've never fished there before but gave it a shot.

Around slack tide moved to the Gloucester side downriver. Trolled in a circle around the bridge and picked up 3 more from 19in to 23in. All of them on a dropoff from 50-60 ft. 3 on a white shad and 1 on chartruse shad. All were fat, with the 23in over 5lbs..

Went to Tue Marsh and York Spit area and no luck. It seemed that deep was the ticket yesterday.

I appreciate others input on this forum so I hope I could give back some.
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