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Went down to OI for some inlet action on Monday.Wind was howling when I got there with dark clouds on the horizon.Tried for some spec. trout but no takers.Deciced to move out to the edge of the deep water with some squid to try and salvage something out of this trip.# nice round heads right off the bat and two nice spot and then nothing for an hour.Deciced to splice and dice some spot for cut bait and BLAM nice 17 inch grey trout.Between the snappers and the trout I caught fish until I was tired of it.Called it a day with my limit of greys which is 7 and about 3O THROW backs all of which were 14 or better.Kept a few snappers for flounder bait.I did catch 1 nine inch flounder .I went home and cleaned and fried them bad boys and yes THEY WERE GOOD.I went back today for some more action.I lost three nice trout at the boat before landidng 1 about 15 inches.Two snappers and not another bite for 4 hours.I went under the bridge and drifted out towars the ocean where the snappers were nibbling on everything.I got tire of it so I headed on home.NO trout tonight.....[sad][sad][sad] The current laid out today with no wind pushing it so I guess the trout decided to get lock-jaw.Any way still had a good time and yes there are some trout in them sloughs around OI....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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