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We went out of Johns Pass Saturday morning targeting groupers.
I was a guest on Greg Sieber's World Cat 27 TE, along with Greg Lions. Right around the pass boats were anchored or trolling for jumping Spanish Mackerels. NOAA forecast was for 2-3 footers but we were heading to 4-6 footers with a fresh westerly in our face. The ride on World Cat was as smooth as it could be. Captain Greg was speeding in 35 miles per hour with extremely quite two Honda FS 225's on the stern. I've had experience of riding on a Pro Cat a couple of month ago, and after flying over the seas for 37 miles I told Greg that World Cat rides smoother than Pro Cat. Greg's boat is a fishing machine and very well equipped. Greg Lions leisurely put a line in the water, lit a cigarette and puffed a couple times. He dropped the cigarette and screamed as soon as his rod bent and hit the gunwale. After a few minutes of excitement we saw a 3 feet nurse shark on the hook, that we released. Seas calmed down by mid day. Water temperature was in low 70. Water clarity was great.
Here is one of the fish that we caught.

Thanks Captain Greg for a lovely day in the Gulf of Mexico. At the dock, back from 80 miles trip, I looked at the fuel gauge to estimate how much fuel we have used. When we left the dock the tank was full, and on return the gauge showed almost full. Unbelievable![wink]
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