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Not fitty-tree, not fitty-fi. Fitty-fo da temp here in beautiful rural Toano, VA @ 0630 hrs.

I dont wanna hear any of it. I got a full day with 4 appts at the beautiful McGuire V.A. Hospital. I'm in a mood to pack armor-piercing loads for Millie and bust caps at any and all fishin rigs met on the road.
My only hope for the near future is if they should flag me cuz of a bad cold in preadmission screening today and not do my surgery Tues due to it. In that scenario I will have a pocketfulla $ from the horse marathon I am on in preparation of recouping and being outta commision. Unfortunately, that leaves me still runnin around the world with my lower intestine bulging out my stomach.
I am hoping that Tues will still be a go and I can fish like man has seldom fished before while mending. And I do mean fish so dam much it starts to pizz ya all off.
Multiple reports from me, A.M. shift, P.M. shift, only take time out to clean a few, post & rub it in on here, sleep, and go back out. Thinking of mounting a recliner in The Onion. I know RIGHT where I'll go first and spend atleast 2 days there, maybe more.
And Verna, guess what? When it comes time to fish WM, I am takin Boudreaux with me and they can kiss my butt. I'll leave him in the truck till I am parked in the lot and ready to roll. What are they gonna do if they should see him as I leave? Chase me? Call the Wmbg Popo and report the heinous crime going on?
Send out a Coast Guard chopper to track us on the water? They cant get the James City Co. patrol boat thru the tunnel to where we'll be fishin. I wish they WOULD start something about it, I'll be at the next city council meeting and stirring my own pot of grief for them if they do.
I hate stoopid rules, especially one that is enforced upon anyone who fishes there and is the brainchild of 1 and one alone member of the Parks n Recs crew.

Like I said, 0654 hrs and still fitty-fo.
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