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fished the flats from sun up until 5pm or so..
47 -50 degree water
marked some fish
found my secret spot at sandy point :eek2:
first fish ,a 30 lber or so on blood worm, nothing on cut herring
fished sandy for acouple more hours. no bites, saw nothing caught.
moved over to turkey, nothing
moved over to rocky, nothing
fished 3 ft. of water on the south side of the flats, nothing
went back to the same private spot at sandy point:rolleyes:
tide started coming in, caught 5 schoolies on herring
a big cat, nothing on blood worms
again did`nt see anybody else catch fish.
threw lures all day, not a hit
i did like my 2 new backyard custom rods built by steve.
extremely light and very strong.

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Hey Doug, glad to see you got out and man that is a nice fish no matter how you catch it WTG. Glad you like the rods I built you now I can't wait for you to hook into a big one with them. :thumbup: I hope to get up there next Saturday hope the rian holds off...
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