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Took a flats rookie fishing with a strong 25 mph wind blowin from the North West. First stop was Carpenters Point. Marked a few fish, but couldn'get them to bite. Moved west and anchored near furnace bay to try and duck out of the wind. Nothin bitin here either. Water temp was around 47. Did I mention the wind was still howling. Moved over to the mouth of the susky and around the barge. Nothin - water temp was 46.
I told Scott we're goin to Sandy point and I guaranteed fish. Moved south along the channel, and water was getting real snotty, but when we rounded the turn for Sandy Point we were out of the wind. More importantly we found 52 degree water.
Ended up with about 20 fish from Sandy Point. No bubbas, but plenty of pullage. All fish caught on BKD's.
Here is Scott with his first fish on the flats ... a healthy 25" fish.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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