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Fished lures all day sunday, found fish in nice numbers in 4 locations... not a tap. I know they were there, a few fellers pulled up & dunked some bait & wammo. I heard the fellow say it was a 42#er. They picked up 5 more in the next hour. Marked goo-gobs of fish & bait, not a tap. Threw BA's, plugs, spoons, traps, shads... It was the first skunk of the season.

Fished lures in the morning at some different locations... Even crossed paths with some prospecting guides... Not a tap, didn't see a fish taken on lures...

The moment I dunked herring, a fat 38"er followed by a 36" & a 25".

They are not letting anyone fish up tight to sandy point during the week... (thats where the cleanest water has been.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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