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I live in the People's Republic of Maryland. All of my fishing is Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina. I have a friend in the Clearwater area who has offered her mother-in-law apartment to me for a week or two fishing vacation. There is no seasonal limit on when I come, but I want to come down for the best fishing and/or diving opportunities.

I have no idea of what fish bite what time of year, or where to find them.

My boat is a 18' Trophy cuddy cabin, 120 hp.

So, my questions are:
When should I come down for wreck-reef fishing, or trolling?
Are there good places within safe and sane reach of my boat (not looking for your secret spots, unless you want to share![grin])?
What kind of fish should I be looking for?

Anything special I should know? You guys don't have hurricanes, do you?

If you have some good references for more info, I would much appreciate those. Feel free to PM or email me.

Thanks for your help!

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I am by no means an expert but I just got back from agreat week of fishing whithin sight of clearwater. I had some good hook ups with snook and cobia. The weather is getting nice and all the people I talked to say it does nothing to but get better in the next few weeks. This is the perfect place for your boat. I saw a guy fight atarpon for an hour and 45 minutes before he lost it he was in a 13 foot whaler and the fish looked as big as the boat when it jumped. b-mail me with your Phone # and I will tell you all I know. I have been going down for 6 years now.
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