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Captain's Update
WOW! What a couple of weeks we just had, American red snapper season started and we had every trip full and a couple of charters in the mix. I am sorry for the late report but the crew and I took a couple days to rest up and do some maintenance on the Starship.
The American reds spread out a bit, but we had them bite on most stops of course some trips were better than others. Some highlights are:
Jeff Yount from Punta Gorda FL catching a 12 lb red and a 10.5 lb red, Michael Lindsey from Sarasota FL with a red snap going just under 17 lbs and a Mangrove snapper about 8 lbs. Mike Nelson had a Mangrove of 7 lbs.
The big grouper of the past two weeks goes to Todd Benten of Tampa FL with a 43.2 lb Rusty Belly Gag Grouper the gag jumped all over a jig over a deepwater wreck. Sedd Branham from Tampa had a rusty belly of 30 lbs and Ozeke Lyttle also from Tampa got a True Black Grouper of 19 lbs. Ray Davis came all the way from Yonkers, NY and got a nice Black fin tuna around 30 lbs and a bunch of American Reds.
We also did an inshore charter with the whole bunch from Flagstone Pavers in Brooksville FL and we had an awesome time, plenty of action with grouper, kings and Key West grunts.
All our 44 hr trips are sold out for the rest of May, although have a few spots left on our 60hr iron man trip and we're are planning an Emergency 36 hr trip on 05/23 because we have a lot of people trying to get in on the good fishing before we have to bring the Viking Starship Back to NY.
We depart on the 20th for another 44 hr trip; hopefully I will have a good report.
Capt Rich

5/10/2005 7:00:00 PM
Captain Rich has answered everyone's request! We have been slammed with calls and emails requesting one more Middle Grounds trip before the Starship heads north.
We've managed to squeeze a 36 hour trip in on Monday, May 23rd. The Starship will leave Tarpon Springs on Monday, 5/23/05, at 8:00 am and return on Tuesday, 5/24/05 at 8:00 pm. The cost is $225. Give the office a call for more info, 888-358-7477.
We still have some good fishing to do before we head north!
Visit www.vikingfleet.com to see pics!

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