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The real key to putting fish in the box is not the size of the bait but the ability of the angler. Day after day I see some anglers successful while others will continually pull the baits away from the fish. You absolutely have to develop a touch for letting the flounder get the bait and hook into their mouth before you jerk it away (btw you do not have to jerk at all.
The most important thing with the baits is that they do not spin and that they are fresh. I have been using strips of croaker about 6 inches long and rigs designed to keep the baits out of the mud.
Extra big minnows are also helpful. Keep in mind that flounder have very small stomachs and feed more that once a day but do not feed when their bellies are full. Usually this means that they are inactive on a dead tide(current). Plan to fish when the current is moving.
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