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The Flat ones were hard to find this weekend. We managed only two each day a few small croakers for the tournament. At least we got to weigh in! Evan had the biggest of the flat fish for the trip(s) with a fat 21" fish that weighed in at 3# 15oz. We worked our tails off for those fish and burned a more gas than I'd like to admit (or think about) but we had a good time too and some great father/son time. Now, if he would just me catch some big fish sometimes. Nah!

We got the **** beat out of us on the way to 42 and back Saturday after spending probably 6 hours over in that area trying for these things. I swear sometimes I wonder why I keep going over there. Seems like it's always rough water.

The one thing I will tell you is from my experience so far this year (We have boated probably 30+ keeper flounder so far, most on the southern Eastern Shore) These fish are biting during the first hour or two of the tide once the current gets rolling again. Then they shut right off and won't play anymore until the next change. If you are not in the right spot when the bite starts, you'll miss the whole thing. Flounder Rig, Wolf jigs review, etc on my You Tube channel. Here's a link to the one on Wolf Custom Jigs we use. Tell him Scott sent you.

The pic of Evan down low holding the 21"'er is funny. Because their was a boat full of guys about 100 yards away who didn't notice when we netted it. We kept everything on the "Down low" after that so they would not push us off our spot as has happened so many times before.

Scott Gregg


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