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FLY FISHING: A Versatile Fly Box in Thirty Minutes By Vince Staley

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Are you tired of perusing through catalog after catalog looking for the perfect fly box? Do you have 10 inch flies and 4 inch flies that are a tangled mess? I think you might enjoy having one or two inexpensive boxes that can store 10 inch to one inch flies and keep them in perfect working condition.

Several items you’ll need are found in your local arts and crafts store; three 6mm thick foam sheets (buy more you’ll use them), Xacto knife and 3M spray adhesive. You’ll need one item from a tackle shop, the Falcon FTO 300 Worm Box. Start by spraying both sides of two foam sheets and carefully mate them together. While the adhesive is drying take the worm box and break out the middle plastic divider. Score the divider first with a hack saw blade and use a pair of ordinary pliers. Remove as much of the divider and as close to the sides and bottom as you can.

Using your Xacto knife cut the three foam sheets to fit inside the bottom of the worm box. Next use an ink pen and a straight edge to mark the top the doubled foam sheet with parallel lines. Once this is done take up the Xacto knife (put a thick piece of card board underneath your wife’s kitchen counter) and start cutting a groove following the lines. Start the cut 1 inch from the edge and end the cut one inch from the opposite end. Do not cut completely across the sheet.

Once you have the sheet cut put the single sheet in the box first and then the scored double sheet on top. Add your flies by pressing the hook into the slit; to remove a fly from the box lift and push the fly rearward at the same time so that the hook point doesn’t snag the foam material.

The double thickness foam sheet can be cut to hold 10’ flies length wise. Or 5” flies if cut across its width. You can make many different foam sheets which are pulled out or put in depending on which flies you plan to fish. You could get away with having just one box and a selection of different foam sheets cut to hold all your flies but I think most fly fishermen will want several boxes.

TIP: put your fly selection on the top foam sheet and decide the spacing you’ll need before drawing your cutting lines. The 3M adhesive can be used to make “floatie” tarpon flies.

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