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Me being the FNG to the area I was thrilled today to score my very first Pickerel. Having sipped from the font of knowledge on this board, I was equiped with a paddle tale B/A Electic Chicken. In a little creek off of Lake Ogleton the battle has been previously won by our watery adversary, but today the old white haired FNG scored one. It was great!! I do have a photo on my phone but being technically challenged, I have been able to send it to myself but it is small and posting here is beyond me. I fished high tide this afternoon, and with what seems to be a shift in the wind there was plenty of water off the dock. Thanks to all for the information and encouragement. I am hooked for a much longer duration than the Pick who was carefully returned to the chilly water and swam away quickly.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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