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i struggled with this for a while for my boat. I wanted a t-top to mount rods, antennas, and everything else, but they were expensive, and if I got one I wouldn't be able to fit my boat under it's garage. In the end I decided against a t-top. If nothing else, an 18' boat with a t-top would take up alot of room.

Although it works better, you don't necessairly have to have a t-top to troll planer boards off of.

I have a 20' Whaler with no t-top and troll 22 rods with no problem. I made rod holders to go on my bow rail.

I even wrap the planer board line around the holders to hold the planer board line. It works great. I tie the line off to my front cleat.

Doing it this way is way cheaper than getting individual rod holders and a t-top. I take it off when I am not trolling boards in ten minutes. The 2" alum pipe was something like 80 bucks, the rest was just cheap wood or hardwear. Depending on how far away you are, I could probably help you set up something like this for your boat overnight.

If you do decide to go with a folding t-top, fishmaster are the ones to buy. I was close. . .
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