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I have experimented with food plots for many years and if you are in a heavily farmed area I dont think that the critters are attracted to a food plot in an area with abundant ag crops. Because I cannot get the deer out of our soybeans......

As far as deer go......clover and soybeans would make a perfect combo.......add other seed producing plants for birds. Iam currently trying to get alfalpha to take on our sandy plot.

You definately have a background on the major issues....my major one is weed competition from Burmuda grass...and it always wins.

If money is not an issue then spraying is the answer.......just like a farmer would do.....when yeild must be maximized.

My problem is Iam still search for a very cheap used planter and so I broadcast and then disc in my seed......which as you stated causes weed seed germination.......but I have cost limitations especially when I know that they love the beans in our other fields.

All we need now is Round-up ready food plots.

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