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I just re-powered my 23' Seacraft and I am selling the motors that were hanging on the boat. Motors are 1998 Mercury 150 hp EFI fuel injected two strokes. Both motors run great. Stainless steel Merc props are included. Compression is good on both motors. Both motors start easily, idle well, and run strong. Controls and oil tanks are included. Bolt these engines on the back of your boat and go fishing. In the interest of full disclosure: One of the steering brackets is rusty. I don't know the total hours and I have been told that 1999 was the first year the efi computer stored hour info.

Here are the compression numbers:
Compression Port Motor - Serial # OG60672: Cylinder #2 /140, #4/140, #6 /140, #1/140, #3/140, #5/145
Compression STBD Motor- Serial # OG606763: Cylinder #2/130, #4/130, #6/135, #1/140, #3/135, #5/135

I'm asking $5,000 for the pair. I won't split them up right now.

Pics and details are in the ebay auction my mechanic posted: http://www.ebay.com/itm/22096446453...64538&_sacat=See-All-Categories&_fvi=1&_rdc=1

Motors are located at Intercoastal Marine just outside Baltimore, MD.

PM me with questions. Thanks, Jeremy
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