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I headed back to Wilmington after our big win over Duke Saturday. Go Pirates! I met a friend early Sunday morning around 6 and we headed out with a NE wind blowing about 25+ miles an hour. We aimed for a few of the smaller creeks to stay out of the wind and keep a little control on our fishing. First thing I noticed was the water temp. It was a lot colder than the last time I had been out. Still, I landed 3 drum (13, 16, 18), 3 flounder (13, 16, 17) plus 2 nice croaker (13, 15). The drum were running small but they still pack a punch and get me excited. I was pleased at my flounder catches since I'm usually a terrible flounder fisherman. I tried some new jig heads that helped a lot though. They had longer hooks which helped catch those short strikers. Hopefully soon I will post reports of my first slam of the year.
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