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Friday Afternoon

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Looks Fishy with mate Al aboard left Rudee at 12:20pm. Headed to Cape Henry, middle ground/4A area. Trolled basically the same area that had the bite last Friday. Water temp was 38, depth was 32ft. We were SE of 4A, trolled along the line toward Cape Henry. No birds, no marks, few boats, no fish. Tried til about 2pm, then pulled lines and headed for the oceanfront in a stiff S SW breeze. (weather man missed again). Trolled the ocean front in about 28ft of water, temp was 39/40 closer to shore. again, no joy. We were pulling a couple red and white stretches and a couple mojos, one red and white, one chartreuse. Got back to the ramp about 4:45pm. Did not hear of any legal fish being caught. Sounds like we did not go far enough north up the line toward 4A. Still, better than working!!
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We also went out of Rudee today at 10:30 and trolled north through Cape Henry and nothing. No bait, birds or fish. Then around 2:00 pm the wind came out of the SSW at 15 and it became very sloppy so we headed in. Not many boats out there and we didn't see any fish being caught. We did see someone who had fished early and showed us two fish they had caught by the green can at Cape Henry. We also saw on the way out of the inlet one of the VA fishing charters unloading a few rockfish. To the folks fishing this weekend it should be better. Remember, it was 19 degrees last night in VA Beach so it takes some time to warm up. We fished at different depths but no good results. Good luck to everybody that is going this weekend.

Tight Lines!
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