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Camped solo at Occoneechee 11/14-11/16. Friday. Got set-up at around noon in a steady "drizzle". Decided what the heck, I'll launch and see if I can find some bait at the little bridge. Did not make it that far before I saw some flips in O2. Threw 3 times and got at least 80 3-4" threadfins, would love to have gizzards but I figured I could find those later.

Motored out to the main lake and through the fog I could make out a frenzy of gulls and white water! Got one down line in the water and before I could net another bait it starts screaming! I fought a 24" striper while trying to lock in the position. Got him in and released and manage to get 2 rods out before they both start bouncing, I got striper fever and went the wrong way on the drag and ended up breaking one off and pulling the hook on the other! Dang! One felt really good too! I calmed down and boated a couple more before the "run and gunners" chased them away.....common sense obviously is not too common.
Went over to Roe's secret spot and did manage a nice 27" fish and some white perch that kept skinning and cutting the bait before I could figure out what they were. By then it was dark and foggy so I figured I'd leave the water to the braver. Parked the Dixie in the sand right below the campsite and cleaned the fish in the dark....

Saturday. Got up at first light and noticed the wind was kicking pretty good. Went down to the boat and noticed I could not hear my bait pump...old battery?....pump drawing too much...I don't know? Opened the lid expecting to see 80 dead baits but to my surprise they were perfectly fine! A capful of Pogey Save and 2 cups of rock salt must have done the trick. Hooked the bait tank to the cranking battery and off I went.

Fish were in the same place from previous day and knocking the shad out of the water. I was all alone and set up the perfect stalk when..ZOOM..ZOOM...ZOOM..must have been a metal flake moron convention somewhere downlake because 50 of them headed that way and me and the fish were obviously on the only possible track that way.....It took 30 minutes for me and the stripers to recover and sort throught the gull feathers before it was on again...Lots of 22-25" fish but a lot of fun none the less. Fish shut down from 10 until 2 and after that I lucked upon a school right off the point near O2. Stayed there until 4 and managed another 27" and a white perch, lots of small stripers.
Wanted to make the meeting so I quit and loaded the boat, long walk from the campsite to the ramp so I ran 30 late minutes. Those sitting near me should appreciate that I did fit in a shower after the jog!
Enjoyed the fact you fellas left me some BBQ and slaw, missed the puppies and dessert! Great presentation by LBB, interesting business meeting, long drive back to Occoneechee.

Sunday. Heard the wind, sleeping bag felt great, lots of wet clothers to dry out, so I left the fish alone. Took my time and packed up. Made it home around 3PM and stored all the gear until next time! Total gas for boat was 5 gallons=$10. Wish I could say the same for the diesel....
Sorry for the novel but it's been a while since I had a trip worth reporting. God Bless!
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