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Fished the Mid Atlantic Rockfish shootout with some regular customers thsi year and had a blast. We ran sout in the AM and then back to the Eastern Shore stopping to chech out several spots with only 30 pounders. We did loose one fish of of False Cape that was really big on a big Cripple Alewife spoon. We ended our day up the Eastern Shore. After lines out we went looking and found the fish. Was getting dark and made a pass on some birds that gave us the action we needed for the tournament, but lines were out. Oh well we had a blast and caught one that was 48.5 Pounds with several other citation fish. It was great and really enjoyed the day, even if we burned 120 gallons.

What do they say. Should have turned left instead of right?

Well time to head out the door to run the Southern Belle for Ron today. I hope we do not make like Dorthy in this wind.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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