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Right now I am thinking of early (if i get out of bed) friday to give it a try.

Figure come out of west rv and head over to kent island/mouth ebay/ poplar isl.

ch 68

cell 443 794-3547.

this time of year it helps to buddy up and call each other.
I'll check cbofs this evening and decide.

By myself right now and will be gone most of day. Leaving from west rv.
good luck.:D

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Leaving from Tilghman - 8:00am if WX man is correct.

Be out all day

Troll around the Choptank a while - head out to CR buoy.

If nothing there head to EBAY and Pop Is.

Be on 68


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Ron, I'll be farther North of you, Bay Bridge to Poplar... Alas, trolling....:eek::eek: But bringing my LTJ gear just in case I can talk the captian into stopping for 10 minutes

WX looks schweet.. over cast minimal rain, winds no more than 9... Ripping tide around 10 AM.. I might actually post a fishing report tommorow night.....:fishing2::fishing2::fishing2:
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