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Late start became even later attempting to find fuel. Did not get lines in the water until about 1:00, and fished the Windmill/2R area, and north up towards 59A, on previous reports of earlier in the week. Did not see much at all, no bait, birds, or fish.

Tried to get on the lift right at low tide, and got stuck about 50' from the dock. Thanks to the good neighbors who pulled us off.

Got tired of looking at the same ol' scenery and getting skunked north of windmill, so went south, looking for a reason to stop.

Pulled up in the fleet off of the deep water around 42. Heard radio reports of scattered fish throughout the area, and within 5 minutes had marked more bait than the entire day before, so stuck it out for a little while. Put in a 38" just north of the 41 buoy, and followed that with a 20 and 24, which both went back. A thick fog bank rolled in, and we were able to put our new radar to the test, which worked perfectly. In the middle of the fog, we put another 38" in the boat, although we have no clue where we were, or if we were marking much, because dad was glued to the radar screen.

Breeze picked up about 1, and we headed back across the bay with our limit. Both big fish were caught on mojo trailers, and the 20" was caught on the top bait of a daisy chain. The radio reports were all on red/white stretches; pulled one all day without a knockdown.

Took today off with the winds, but hope to be back at it tomorrow through the end of the year.

Good luck,
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