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Recently I ran out of gas in my 17' center console. Today I put 15 gallons of gas in the 30 gallon built-in tank. Afterwards, I pumped the bulb to bring the gas from the tank to the engine. I must have pumped it for an hour and could not get the gas to flow up to the motor. The fuel system was flowing just fine before I ran out of gas but now I can't get enough suction from the bulb to make the gas flow. What should I do to get the gas flowing again? Thanks.

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First, check all hose fittings between the tank and the motor. Look for loose clamps and/or cracked hose.

Do you have a water separator in-line? If you do and the separator was run dry -- it can take a couple minutes of pumping to fill canister.

When you pump the bulb, do you hear any bubbles/movement of gas in the tank?

The most likely cause is a leak at one of the fittings. Could you have picked -up some crud in the tank -- possibly, but I think you would feel resistance pumping the bulb.

To troubleshoot, disconnect the gas hose at the inlet end of the bulb. Attached a short piece of clean hose to the fuel line. Try blowing air through the line you should hear bubbling from the tank. If there is a lot of resistance you could have a clogged line or there is an anti-siphoning check valye between the pump bulb and the tank. If you don't hear any bubbles -- check hose/fittings for leaks.

If the line is not clogged, get a 1-2 gallon gas can filled with gas. Attach the short piece of hose to the inlet side of the bulb. Insert the short end of hose into the gas can, below the surface. Ideally, the tank should be at the same level as the fuel tank. Pump the bulb several times to see if gas fills the bulb. If gas does not fill the bulb -- you need to replace the bulb.

Good luck.


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disconnect fuel hose from motor,
remove motor fitting from hose,
squeeze ball,
place finger over end of hose,
release ball,
fuel will now flow into hose,
repeat as necessary until fuel comes out of hose,
replace fuel fitting & reattach to motor,

if ball is old , you may want to replace it, most have a check valve that will prevent this from happening, but as they age the check valve may not work.
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