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Launched from Sandy Point at 8:30 am with my friend Danny and Tfer also named Dan. At least easy for me to remember names . Tide was up.

Ran out past bridge - seeing swirls behind pilings , strong outgoing current. Water was 46-47* and clear looking. Ran SE to channel edge and put port board over. Danny fished with me last week but Dan was new to board fishing.

We got the 5 tandems set off board and then put boat rod out. Watched the Tony #21 to check speed - it was just right. GPS showed 4.2 heading south - yeah , current was strong from near full moon. All lures in water about 9:15.

We started a SW to SE zig zag pattern going into 40 feet - then back across channel edge. Pulled lines at 10:30 to check - most had jellyfish ( snot ). Friend SE in Eastern Bay ( legal area ) reported no jellys. I resolved to pull lines every hour or so. It does not take too long - rod eyes large enough the rubber band stays on - so no need to recount the lines.

Checked again about 11:30 - most had some goo - a few totally covered. we discussed how much goo would turn a Rock away. No way to know. Just before noon - heard a THUNK and Danny grabbed rod. He had to set the hook to break rubber band but then drag went off. If you know me - I fish a very tight drag.

Dan took rod since we agreed he got first fish. I slowed boat and Danny reeled in the lone boat rod. No sense risking a tangle - as we knew it was a good sized Rock on the line. Dan did good job from seated position - soon we saw a huge tail. Fish swam toward boat and soon leader was in sight.

The 46/47 incher made the day - quick photo and back she went.

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Hit a blue / white 6 oz spear head parachute ( Tyler's ) with blue / white shad. One of my favorite early lures. We checked other 4 lines quickly - some snotted up. Before resetting the rod that caught - I cut lure knot off and retied. Old habit but pays off. No idea how knot was stressed during fight - 20 seconds all it takes to retie.

Bay was flat - only 3 other boats even close ( miles away ). NRP ran by - slowed and waved. I hailed them on VHF - they said everything OK , not bothering to pull along starboard side.

We saw a few Gannets and lone Pelican - all good signs for big fish. Saw fish on meter and told crew to be ready. As if on cue - planer rod close in got crushed. Danny did good job reeling it in - Dan staying at helm and slowing boat. The digital controls are sweet.

Fish looked about 43/44 inches - released and splashed us. We began to zig zag NE/NW but in no hurry. Forecast next few days is very windy - this was our day to fish.

Line check yet again - snot bad. Tilting lure down helps goo slide off - comb through hair gets the rest of it. Boat rod got hit - I reeled it a nice 45/46 incher.

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It hit the 2 oz parachute I use as a weight for spoon. Alien from Marty's in Edgewater - I love these parachutes. The head is light enough that shad gives it a wiggle. Not sure if fish notice but I get a lot of fish on the 2 oz lures used as trailers on tandem rigs.

We fished to about 5:30 - had few other hits but misses. Ran back at 35 knots on calm bay. NRP stopped by at ramp - more to see how we did then to check boat. I think officers know if folks are poaching.

Pulled boat on trailer as sun dropped and moon came up.
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Going to take next few days for some trailer / boat maintenance - plan to fish a lot this month. Nothing like catching big Rock and then letting them go.

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Goose - Yes , great PSCR color but almost zero hits after late April. Crazy how they can key in on certain lures.

I've had some hot combos fall flat after year or two - no idea why.
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