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For 20 years my buddy Todd (also a member of this board) and I have been fishing together. Every time we go, we have a near-death experience, or we see someone else have one, or something totally humorous happens to us.

We joked about having our own local cable access show "Extreme Fishing with Matt and Todd".

Alas, it never came to be. But each trip on the Bay would have made a great episode.

So we finally decided to create our own website and start recording our tales. Todd's a pretty funny writer...there are times he tells a story and I can't help but snort and I end up with beer in my nose! doh

Anyway, we will be adding more and more stories...we have entire lists of them in our mind. There's a few there now. I'd love some feedback, or even some of your own stories that you might want us to put up there.

It's called "Extreme Fishermen". I hope you enjoy it!

PS - I know we're not supposed to self-promote or spam commercial sites, but there's nothing commercial about this site. It's just stories. :thumbup:
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