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first step in collecting names for more taxes?

Dear NACO Member,

National Registry for Recreational Anglers

NMFS issues this final rule to adopt regulations to implement the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA). The regulations establish a national registry of recreational anglers fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), for anadromous species in tidal waters or for Continental Shelf fishery resources beyond the EEZ.

Persons will not be required to register with NMFS if they are licensed by a state that provides data determined to be sufficient for the agency's needs. The requirement is intended to improve existing angling effort surveys in order to improve their efficiency, to reduce possible sources of bias and to improve confidence in survey results by anglers

and fishery managers.

DATES: This final rule is effective January 29, 2009, except for the amendments to Sec. 600.1405 which are effective January 1, 2010.

ADDRESSES: Copies of the Regulatory Impact Review/Regulatory Flexibility Act Analysis are available from: Gordon Colvin, Office of Science and Technology, National Marine Fisheries Service, 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Background information and documents are available at the NMFS Office of Science and Technology

website at Marine Recreational Information Program Written comments regarding the burden-hour estimates or other aspects of the collection-of-information requirements contained in this final rule may be submitted to NMFS Office of Science and Technology and by e-mail to [email protected], or fax to (202) 395-7285.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Gordon Colvin, phone: 301-713-2367; fax: 301-713-1875; or e-mail: [email protected].


This notice requests individuals interested in serving on an Area Maritime Security Committee in any Captain of the Port Zone, nationwide, to submit their applications for membership to their local Captain of the Port. These committees advise the Secretary of DHS, through the Coast Guard, on matters relating to maritime security in their geographic area.

DATES: Requests for membership should reach the applicable Captain of the Port by January 21, 2009.

ADDRESSES: Applications for membership should be submitted to your local Captain of the Port at the following address(s):

SECTOR ANCHORAGE, 510 L STREET-SUITE 100, ANCHORAGE, AK 99501-1946, POC: Jim Hubbard, Primary Phone: (907) 271-6700.

SECTOR BALTIMORE, 2401 HAWKINS POINT RD, BALTIMORE, MD 21226, POC: Rick Sparacino, Primary Phone: (410) 576-2561.

SECTOR BOSTON, 427 COMMERCIAL ST, BOSTON, MA 02109, POC: Phillip Smith, Primary Phone: (617) 223-3025.

SECTOR BUFFALO, 1 FUHRMANN BLVD, BUFFALO, NY 14203, POC: Timothy Balunis, Primary Phone: (716) 843-9315.

SECTOR CHARLESTON, 196 TRADD ST, CHARLESTON, SC 29401, POC: James Mahney, Primary Phone: (843) 724-7600.

SECTOR CORPUS CHRISTI, 8930 OCEAN DR., CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 78419, POC: John Zarbock, Primary Phone: (361) 939-6393.

SECTOR DELAWARE BAY, 1 WASHINGTON AVE, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19147, POC: Robert Ward, Primary Phone: (215) 271-4800.

SECTOR DETROIT, 110 MOUNT ELLIOTT ST, DETROIT, MI 48207, POC: Matthew Hoppe, Primary Phone: (313) 568-9600.

MARINE SAFETY UNIT DULUTH, 600 S LAKE AVE., DULUTH, MN 55802, POC: Jared Angelle, Primary Phone: (218) 720-5286.

SECTOR GUAM, PSC 455 BOX 176, FPO, GU 96540, POC: LT Amy Wirts, Primary Phone: (671) 355-4900.

CG SECTOR HAMPTON ROADS, 4000 COAST GUARD BOULEVARD, PORTSMOUTH, VA 23703, POC: Rodger Tomlinson, Primary Phone: (757) 668-5555 Ext. 2.

SECTOR HONOLULU, 400 SAND ISLAND PARKWAY, HONOLULU, HI 96819, POC: William Deluca, Primary Phone: (808) 842-2640.

SECTOR HOUSTON-GALVESTON, 9640 CLINTON DRIVE, HOUSTON, TX 77029, POC: John Walker, Primary Phone: (713) 671-5100.

SECTOR JACKSONVILLE, 4200 OCEAN STREET, ALTANTIC BEACH, FL 32233, POC: Thomas Taylor, Primary Phone: (904) 564-7500.

USCG SECTOR JUNEAU, 2760 SHERWOOD LANE, SUITE 2A, JUNEAU, AK 99801-8545, POC: Robert Edwardson, Primary Phone: (907) 463-2450.

SECTOR KEY WEST, 100 TRUMBO POINT ANNEX, KEY WEST, FL 33040, POC: LTJG Anna Dixon, Primary Phone: (305) 292-8722.

SECTOR LAKE MICHIGAN, 2420 S LINCOLN MEMORIAL DR, MILWAUKEE, WI 53207, POC: Thomas Lake, Primary Phone: (414) 747-7100.

SECTOR LONG ISLAND SOUND, 120 WOODWARD AVE, NEW HAVEN, CT 06512, POC: Scot Graham, Primary Phone: (203) 468-4401.

SECTOR LOS ANGELES-LONG BEACH, 1001 S. SEASIDE AVE., BLDG 20, SAN PEDRO, CA 90731, POC: Chris Hogan, Primary Phone: (310) 521-3600.

SECTOR LOWER MISSISSIPPI RIVER, 2 AUCTION AVE., MEMPHIS, TN 38105, POC: Keith Jones, Primary Phone: (901) 544-3912.

SECTOR MIAMI, 100 MACARTHUR CAUSEWAY, MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139, POC: Frank Cesario, Primary Phone: (305) 535-8700.

SECTOR MOBILE, BLDG 101, BROOKLEY COMPLEX, MOBILE, AL 36615, POC: Louie Atchison, Primary Phone: (251) 441-5720.

MSU MORGAN CITY, 800 DAVID DR RM 232, MORGAN CITY, LA 70380, POC: Joseph Pasqua, Primary Phone: (985) 380-5320.

SECTOR NEW ORLEANS, 1615 POYDRAS ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112, POC: Roy Ford, Primary Phone: (504) 589-6196.

SECTOR NEW YORK, 212 COAST GUARD DR, STATEN ISLAND, NY 10305, POC: Frank Fiumano, Primary Phone: (718) 354-4037.

SECTOR NORTH CAROLINA/MSU WILMINGTON, 2301 E. FORT MACON RD, ATLANTIC BEACH, NC 28512-5633, POC: David Morgan, Primary Phone: (252) 247-4519.

SECTOR NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND, 259 HIGH STREET, SOUTH PORTLAND, ME 04106, POC: Arn Heggers, Primary Phone: (207) 767-0320.

SECTOR OHIO VALLEY, 600 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR PL RM 409-D, LOUISVILLE, KY 40202-2242, POC: David Wuest, Primary Phone: (502)779-


MSU PITTSBURGH, 100 FORBES AVE, STE 1150, PITTSBURGH, PA 15222, POC: ENS Matthew DeFusco, Primary Phone: (412) 644-5808.

MSU PORT ARTHUR /MSU LAKE CHARLES, 2901 TURTLE CREEK DRIVE, PORT ARTHUR, TX 77642, POC: Robert Stegall, Primary Phone: (409) 723-6500.

SECTOR PORTLAND, 6767 N BASIN AVE, PORTLAND, OR 97217, POC: David Maresh, Primary Phone: (503) 240-9310.

SECTOR SAN DIEGO, 2710 NORTH HARBOR DRIVE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101, POC: Rick Sorrell, Primary Phone: (619) 278-7033.

SECTOR SAN FRANCISCO, 1 YERBA BUENA ISLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94130, POC: Paul Martin, Primary Phone: (415) 399-3547.

SECTOR SAN JUAN, 5 CALLE LA PUNTILLA, SAN JUAN, PR 00901-1800, POC: Victor Gonzalez, Primary Phone: (787) 289-2041.

SECTOR SAULT STE. MARIE, C/O COAST GUARD SECTOR, SAULT STE MARIE, MI 49783, POC: Lane Putala, Primary Phone: (906) 635-3340.

MSU SAVANNAH, 100 W. OGLETHORPE AVE STE 1017, SAVANNAH, GA 31401, POC: LT Greg Reilly, Primary Phone: (912) 652-4353.

SECTOR SEATTLE, 1519 ALASKAN WAY S, SEATTLE, WA 98134, POC: Joseph Dady, Primary Phone: (206) 217-6200.

SECTOR SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND, 1 LITTLE HARBOR ROAD, WOODS HOLE, MA 02543-1099, POC: Peter Popko, Primary Phone: (866) 819-9128.

SECTOR ST PETERSBURG, 155 COLUMBIA DR, TAMPA, FL 33606, POC: Edmond Morris, Primary Phone: (813) 228-2191 Ext. 8108.

SECTOR UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER, 1222 SPRUCE ST, SUITE 7.103, ST LOUIS, MO 63103, POC: Todd Epperson, Primary Phone: (314) 269-2500.

MSU VALDEZ, PO BOX 486/105 CLIFTON DRIVE, VALDEZ, AK 99686, POC: Jamie Schnider, Primary Phone: (907) 835-7200.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For questions about submitting an application or about a specific Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC), contact the point of contact listed above with that AMSC in the ADDRESSES section. For general questions on AMSCs or this notice, contact LT Brian Zekus, Coast Guard, telephone 202-372-1116.

Keeping you informed,

National Association of Charterboat Operators

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Hi Capt John,

Thanks for posting this.

The National Angler Registry is actually something we (as fishermen) asked for. After years of complaining about the Marine Recreational Fisheries Satistical Survey (MRFSS), a focus group was conviened to suggest how to improve the survey nationally. In fact, I think Flying Fish (TFer) was somehow involved in this focus group about 5-6 years ago. Among other problems with the old MRFSS survey, the survey method was to pick numbers out of the phone book, and cold call, to collect information on fishing effort and catch. As you can imagine, this method was very innacurate, AND it lead to crappy results that were used to make crappy decisions. Some of the focus groups reccomendations were included in the Magnuson Stevens Act Reauthorization - which has now been articulated by NOAA in the form of this final rule.

The final rule mentioned in your post - confirms what information states need to collect when selling fishing licenses so that a national angler registry can be used for the MRFSS survey. This way they will actually be surveying fishermen - instead of random people. In most states, there will not be much change at all. IN MD there will be a couple of small changes. 1) the MD fishing License System will need to be updated to collect contact information (phone number and address). It currently doesn't do this. 2) There will likely be a new coastal fishing license for those that fish the ocean. If for some reason MD can't get their license system upgraded in time, there will be a need to individually register with NOAA NMFS, but I know I'll be pushing to get the license system upgraded in time.

Overall - this will be a positive step to collection better data for better decisions. I know a license will be a new burden for those fishing on the ocean beaches, but it really will help us keep track of fishing efort better, and should make it easier to account for the economic value of recreational fishing in MD. Also, Charterboat and Guide patrons will be exempt from submitting this contact information, because charterboat operators submit a catch log that is combined with MRFSS results.

Hope this info helps!

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It's the same story they use to convince sport fishermen that they will better represented if they have a state license. Just more bureaucratic BS. One thing they do manage to do is drive more people away from the sport. Just another way to get your money and create a office with a staff that will consume all of the monies received. Typical political BS. The recs that support this have their hearts and minds in the right place but it just doesn't work. After all of these years of buying saltwater licenses Md. still thinks that the commercials are more valuable to the state then us. That they have more of an economic impact. But you can't beat city hall so I'll just pay my way like every other dumb a$$. However I'll not try to convince myself that this is the right approach to anything meaningful. I'll consider it the same as I would throwing good money after bad for anything else useless.

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Try not to see the negative bureacratic side of things with these new requirements, but instead, look at how this will show the bureaucrats just how many recreational anglers there are, that we can and will have a powerfull voice towards future regulations, and that it is important to listen to our collective voice as we are voting citizens of the U.S.

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asked for....

It's old, but true. "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it"

Come on now!! Do you really believe the government won't turn this into another cash cow to be milked dry??:confused:
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