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Friday I was all set to leave the dock headed to the CLT for the first time and when I turned on my 335 DF combo unit the FF worked fine but I get a pop-up saying "GPS module not responding"
Well, nothing I can do at 0 dark-thirty so off we go using a hand-held backup unit.

Saturday I talked to Dave at Norfolk Marine about possible causes and he tells me that the gps antenna has a seperate power supply and recommended that I trace it down to look for the obvious.

Even though electronics for dummies is over my head, I went home and followed his advice.

Low and behold I find the wires, trace them to a 3 amp fuse and yep it's blown.

I checked the connection to see what may have caused it to blow and one of them easily pulls apart.

I redid the connections,replaced the fuse and bingo...problem solved.

Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone else has a similar problem.
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