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Used sandpaper (wet) to remove black streaks on outside hull. Now I have some light scratches and hazy appearance in several areas. Tried buffing, scratch removal compound, waxing, and more waxing. Nothing seems to work. Any body have any tips on how to remove them????:helpsmilie:

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The key is to wet sand with progressively finer grits of sandpaper all the way up to 1200 grit wet/dry. When sanding, try to use even pressure and avoid "finger pressure points". Keep a clean supply of fresh water on the sanding area.
Afterwards, you can begin buffing with a ROTARY High-speed buffer and a WOOL pad @ about 1800 rpms using a heavy buffing compound. Keep it moving and be careful around corners and edges to prevent "burning" the gelcoat.
Then you can work your way up to a finer polishing compound, and finish with a wax and fine polishing pad still using the rotary buffer. Note: Orbital buffers don't create enough pressure to polish the surface, but they are fine for applying wax.
If you're in Va. Beach, I can help. I also sell waxes & cleaners @ www.waxingfrenzy.com
*Our wax will remove black streaks without sanding.
Hope this helps,
Capt. KW
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