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Keep in mind that Rockfish feed by looking UP to the bait.If your lures are running deeper then the Rock-they most likely will not hit them.

When a boat approaches a Rockfish - the Rock will either go deeper or off to either side to avoid the noise.On a choppy day-a boat heading into the waves is very loud from wave slapping.

With this in mind- you want lures near the boat very deep and then the more shallow lures farther back.This is one big reason planer boards work so well.If you do not have boards- try steering the boat in a very lazy S type pattern.The idea is to put your lures in "clean" water the boat did not go through.

I use downriggers for my umbrellas but sometimes will run one back 200 feet with a 4 oz parachute as the weight.Other options are to use in line weights.Try a 20 oz back 75-100 feet and an 8 oz back 150 feet.

Check out the umbrellas on other boats that are catching - some brands really do not do well.I field tested a very expensive one( $50.00) this spring that totally sucked.In three days and over 70 big Rock caught- it was the only rig that did not get hit.The local baitshops sell what you need.
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