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Another weekend and another visit to the stream while the season lasted.
The weather forecast was good, all requirements for a successful fishing day were met.

Clouds covered the sun in the early morning so the temperature only rose slowly.
At the mill pool the first anglers where already fishing.
After getting in wading gear I first probed the pools of the stream as those fish would
most likely be inclined to feed earlier than the ones at the mill.

The water had lowered and cleared considerably since the last weekend.
I could see the fish, they could see me and would subsequently run.
Deep nymphing yielded my first fish of the day, a brown trout.
It went pretty well from that moment on and it was pretty surprising how many fish you
could catch in one smallish pool if the water was just deep enough.

Surprisingly besides the regular size dace and trout I hooked several small trout, a good sign
the trout where present in the stream in various sizes.
Some of the pools further downstream where too deep to properly fish with the nymphs I had
in my flybox.
When the flytying season would start I would definitively have to tie some extra heavy nymph
patterns to dredge the streams floor

Later in the day I returned to the mill pool where the competition had already left.
The sun was out in force and for some reason the pool had come to life with rising fish.
I could clearly see loads of dace in the clear water.
At first I caught them on my regular small nymphs but when the dace actively rose I
tied on a small sedge and sight casted to individual fish in the pool.

The couple that lived in the mill invited me for coffee and cake which I could not decline
even though the fishing was that good.
After the extensive break I went back to the water where the fish where still feeding.

As the sun moved in the sky so did the fish and eventually I had to wade in the pool to be
able to make proper casts to the rising fish.
In the end the action died down to such a degree that I decided to call it a day.
With the sun going down the temperature would plummet and then fishing the pool would generally
be of no use anymore, it was for sure fall now - the warm evenings of summer were history.
The fishing was however brilliant with lots of takes and very big dace from the mill pool.

As I had only had breakfast in the morning a healthy appetite had developed and so the
visit to the pub was in order.
The problem I faced was the fact that October 3rd was a public holiday in Germany, the day
of German Unity.
My local informants however convinced me that the pub would still be open for business
despite the festivities.

The sign of the pub open for business for me would be the smell of the open fire, despite
the opening hour being on had though I could not smell anything.
As I arrived at the pub it looked like I was not the only one wondering about the business hours.
People where waiting outside and some left early as it seemed the place was vacated.
I feared the worst but decided to call the local contact number in the village for the pub to see if
I could raise anybody and get information on what was going on.

Apparently the place was open and I was instructed to find an open door and look for
the waitress.
Well, I found her as she was just about to open up the place, better late than never.
So it all ended well and I celebrated another wonderfull fishing day with a good meal
and a cool wheat beer at the warm fire.

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