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The weather service predicted nice weather for Saturday and not so nice weather on Sunday,
they were wrong … again.
You actually could not ask for better weather, light winds ... mild temperature and plenty of sunshine.

It had rained in the night and the effect was a little more than I had hoped for.
The water pushed through at a pretty pace and the current patterns at my favorite coarse fish
hot spots where mixed up.
I could not get to the fish although I had a few nibbles on a small size 16 pheasant tail nymph.

The trout section of the stream was closed now so I had to check out the coarse fish section of the
stream. With surgery not in the distant past the available spots to fish for me where limited.
The last thing I wanted to do is ending up back in hospital because I slipped down a steep bank.

At one of the more easy accessible pools I spotted fish deep and on top.
The fish on top where dace, what lurked in the depths was unknown.
I tied on a tungsten black midge pattern and before I knew it I had hooked a brown trout.

After trout nr.1 I tried to fish a sedge in the faster flow as I had noticed that at times dace would race
up to the surface to grab floating debris, no luck for me though.
The black midge went back on and voila again a trout, this time a pretty decent fish.

Trout season was closed so I moved on to find coarse fish.
There was a mill pool that could house the odd perch but even though I used a sinking line and
a weighted lure I had no bites whatshowever.

The last section I fished was a wide slow moving section of the stream.
It was ultra shallow but always the spot for dry flyfishing and as I approached the place I
noticed sporadic rises of dace.
With the sun at an unfavorable angle it was impossible to spot the fish so I had to drop the fly
near surface action and hope for the best.
I was too slow for the dace though as I missed most strikes.
The one fish I did hook eventually came off so 1-0 for the fish.

The change into standard time from daylight saving time messed up
my sense of timing so it was off to the pub for lunch.
I had the intension to go fishing after lunch but activity at the stream
was minimal.
As I had enjoyed myself pretty good at the stream in this fantastic weather
I did not bother to go fishing again - fully satisfied and off to home.

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