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A day earlier I attended the annual gathering of our fishingclub at the mill pool.
On that day I secured fishing permits for the mill pool for every upcoming weekend so
the next day I was again on my way to Germany.
In the local village they had yet another harvest celebration so my competition would
probably be drunk in the village instead of fishing at the mill.

On the way to the pool I noticed this birdhouse with what I believed was a wasps nets but when
I stopped to take a look it turned out that the inhabitants where hornets.
From a safe distance I took some pictures and left them in peace.

Fall crop

The weather looked really nice with the blue sky, the temperature though was a bit on the low
side and it was a little windy.
As I crossed a bridge over the stream I noticed that one of the bankside trees had fallen down
creating a deep pool, this would be a spot to remember for the future.

New fish hideout.

When I came at the watermill I spotted two cars on the parking lot and figured that not everybody
was going to the harvest festivities.
I spoke to the elderly couple living in the mill and it turned out the cars belonged to the people who
attended our party from the day before - those people had to many beers and went home by other
means of transportation.

What was a nasty surprise was the color of the water.
Even though it had not rained the water was even more colored than a day before and I wondered
how that was possible.

Murky water.

My wading gear was still drying at home as I figured the decline in the water level would result
in cleaner water making it easier for me to just fish from the shore.
In the meantime clouds and wind increased and as expected activity in the water was minimal.
A few fish where rising over the sandbar at the end of the pool but out of reach for me
as the current would cause my line to drag within seconds if I tried to reach that spot.

I instead tried the bank at the outflow of the pool and although I had some subtle bites I could
not catch any fish.
I tried for several hours without success and figured it was time for a break at the local pub.
After a good meal I tried one of my more successful spots at the stream.
This was a shallow pool with one small deep riffle where I usually would catch something
despite how bad the conditions would be.
Not this time though and so I headed back to the mill pool to give it another go.

This is usually good for some fish.

At the mill pool I spotted a fellow club member who was fishing with his wife.
They used worms and lures as bait and had not had much luck as yet.
The trout where not as eager as usual and complained that the fish only nibbled
at the worms.

As the day progressed more people came by visiting the pool to ponder if it was worth to go
I finally caught a roach so my day would at least not end fishless.

Talking to people and fishing at the same time caused me to miss quite a few solid takes
but I guess that is fishing.
It was funny though that many of the visitors where sort of impressed by us flyfisherman
as we outfished them the day before.
When I showed the tiny nymph I was fishing they could not believe that you could catch
trout let alone any other fish species with such minimal gear.

At one point I hooked a brook trout but it managed to throw the barbless hook so no trout
for me today.
The second and last fish I caught was a nice dace that was feeding over the sandbar
at the end of the mill pool.


When I left the mill it was already getting dark.
The results were pretty meager but it was great to finally be fishing again.
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