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We need help! We need help pulling the nets in the boats, filming the entire event and cleaning the fish out of the nets. I am trying to get it approved to have people outside of the club that are willing to help to be able to do so. We need 2 guys in each of the VDGIF's 2 boats to help pull the nets in and more to help get the fish out of the nets once we get the nets to the VDGIF dock house in Clarksville. We need people with video recorders to film the event. If you are interested in helping or perhaps just being a spectator please let me know. You can respond here or call me at 919-693-6263. If I don't answer just leave your name and number and I will call you back.
Everyone should keep in mind that these efforts are for the future of the species and we all should do what we can to help.
Thanks and tight lines!
Lanny Parrott
BISC President
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