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" Paint their boats yellow" Tom Granger

In my humble opinion the alleged poacher boats should get a yellow paint job.
Now it would'nt be fair until after the Judge decides that they are responsible for taking
Maryland Oysters against the law.

In my humble opinion the following boats should be yellow after the trial: Miss Terry,
Just Faith, and Chantilly Lace. This is a first step. God Almighty, we got christian poachers now!

The owners of the above boats probably knew that the boats were being used for
dishonest and improper purposes. The owners probably earned extra money on illegal oysters.
This must be stopped, second step.

If the yellow boats will not stop poaching, there are other ways to skin a cat.
One old boy suggested a black skiff equipped with a dewalt drill and two batteries.
You watermen know what is best, it is your oysters and your grandsons oysters they are stealing.

In my humble opinion we need laws that are harsh enough to stop the shameless
" Outlaw Watermen ". This will take more time, but we must start writing our letters now.
These watermen think they can do what they want, they are laughing at us.
They are laughing at the NRPolice also. Step three.

Many citizens have voiced good ideas.
Fellows, I have a question: What are we going to "Do" ? We need more than ideas.

Sitting at the desk, joking and smoking has not solved this problem.
The outlaws are going to take and take, until brave citizens say enough is enough.
We must cause a change, by doing something valiant, different, something better.
Stouthearted Americans in Boston solved a tea boat problem, in 1773, they had some grit.
Those fellows in Boston were tenacious, when the Brits came [ to Lexington ] in april 1775 to take
away american guns, the Americans said no! They killed many limey opressors [ 269 casualties ].

You folks there working the piers and the boats, You are strong, You have guts, You face the storms.
You watermen know what must be done, is this a just cause?
Do something, you are brave, You can work under impossible conditions, say a prayer, write a letter.
Say a cuss. Go to a poacher and tell him: Look him in the eye, "Tom, this has to stop"
Gentlemen start your engines.
Todd Beamer said lets roll, just before his team on flight 93, attacked the ********* Terrorists.
They were daring women and men of steel!!! They fought their particular fight!! Step four.

One fellow said recently that undersize Oysters is not really a big deal.
Maybe that is true. I do not know the Oyster industry.
I have seldom seen oysters that were not on a plate.
I backed off on that matter. Maybe it is not fair to take
someone's license away over some undersized oysters.

I ask you, does repeated mechanical industrial harvesting of illegal oysters rise to
the level of needing a harsh penalty? Is this behavior disrespectful of the law?

Does mechanical power harvesting of oysters without a license
rise to the level of needing a harsh penalty? Are they contemptful of the Courts?

Do reasonable citizens think it is ok, fair, right , proper for some people to harvest illegally?
What message does that send to the honest law abiding oystermen?

The bottom of our creeks, rivers, and sounds are like a farm field owned by
the State of Maryland- all of us own those murky underwater fields.
There are rules for the harvest. Are these poachers playing by the rules?

Maybe the citizens of Boston are more stout than the citizens of Maryland.
Time will tell. Much has been said, It is time now to do.
Are we going to let these high school dropouts and potheads continue to out smart us?
Are we willing to let these fellows laugh at us, and take our oysters until the bay water stinks?
It is time to stand up gentlemen. Step five.

The State of Maryland has every right to be angry that "Outlaw Oystermen" are doing
mechanized harvesting repeatedly in designated sanctuaries. The citizens are correct
to feel sorry for the sanctuaries, and angry at the bad men who do these illegal acts.

The State of Maryland has every right to increase the penalties, and take licenses away.
The State of Maryland has every right to use whatever technology is necessary
to insure that the bay is not overharvested, and illegally harvested.

The State of Maryland has every right to require gps reporting devices on every
commercial vessel in return for granting a license to harvest in our precious fishery.

The State of Maryland has every right to increase liscense fees for all commercial vessels
to pay for the increased cost and danger to our wonderful nrp officers, who are out
seven days a week protecting the fishery. If that irritates some, I believe that they
will should could pass the irritation along to the poachers.

The State of Maryland has every right to buy 4000ea [12 volt gps reporting devices] which are
required in return for having a commercial license.
Granger opinion, they volunteer for the tracker, or no licence, oystering, like driving is a privilege.

In two months, the same boats will be out taking illegal rockfish, I hope they are yellow so
the NRP can check them often. In five months, these same boats will be crabbing at night,
with nets, The same pistons will be pushing thieves and lawbreakers home, I hope we soon
have the "GPS reporters" tell the DNR where to look at night, when crab boats should be home.
I hope other watermen will drop a dime on the thieves... That will take some grit.
Another thing that the nrp needs is more people to call hotline, and come to be a witness.
It takes real cojones to stand up and be a witness. This will be your battle, your Lexington.

Let the poachers whine and go to Court, asking for protection from law enforcement.
These Judges are smart, they read the paper, and they know how to make the law work.

CALL TO ACTION: step six
We must ask our state representatives, and state senators to create serious heavy penalties.
Who will write to your State District representatives? [ annapolis ]
Who will write to your State Senator ? [ annapolis ]

Each County has a District Attorney, important job.
Find out who your district attorney is and write her a
letter. She will listen, She will try harder for a conviction.

You the people, have power in your pen. Handwritten is ok, because they know it is real!!!!

Who will write to Governor O'Malley 100 State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland 21401
This governor cares about the bay, and the oysters. Give him 5000 letters.

Douglas F. Gansler Attorney General of Maryland 200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
would love to have 1000 letters, that he can hold up. He is a good man. Handwritten ok !!

Our elected officials and representatives will listen. You can do the talking, they may
even write back. Some have answered my letters. A stamp only costs four bits. step seven.

Tom Granger says lets rock, and good night.

Thomas Granger [email protected] I have no reason to smile tonight...


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Dave - Taking away the boats has been brought up at DNR meetings.

The short version : DNR catches an alleged poacher - takes the boat away. The boat must be stored safely until a convicted is granted in court.

Lawyer gets 1-2 postponements ( not uncommon ) - boat is still under DNR's care. Trail comes - poacher convicted - boat taken away , all is fine.

Here's where it gets sticky. If poacher is not convicted - he can be awarded back pay while DNR held his boat. Then comes any damage caused by cold weather , lack of maintenance , etc. Many of the older boats need daily work. Imagine the mess for DNR if boat sank ?

That is one reason DNR is hesitate to take a boat. There are other reasons as well - poaching is not seen like drug dealing in public eye.

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With animal poaching violations the vehicles, guns, bows, etc are not confiscated unless convicted. I'm stating that if convicted they should loose their equipment so they are hit where it counts.

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The boat where alleged poaching occurred, can stay in the hands of the alleged poacher until after the trial.
It can be "confiscated in place" as of the date of the citation. After the guilty, then the state comes for the boat.
It has been said by some that we /I hate Commercial Watermen. That is not true. Good Honest Watermen are not the enemy of myself,
or of the State of Maryland. I have not said that all watermen are poachers, I do not believe that . In my opinion good honest watermen are just that good honest citizens. Unfortunately, some watermen have turned out to be poachers. They have hurt the reputation of their society in general.
I do not like the poachers, whether they go to church or not. It does not matter who is doing the poaching, It must be stopped. I am trying to work against poachers, not against watermen.
Apology, I must ask forgiveness for using an unkind and unfair word in the above. It is wrong and unfair to be disrespectful to all Muslims, just because some Muslims are terrorists. I am sorry. I was harsh. I will not use that word again. Thomas Granger.
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