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Got off work around 12:30 with a buddy we decided to play the odds and go out.. Since the last time out with skip got me itching for a cow,So I took the chance and I fired the boat up and left around 1:30.

Hit the Sandy point side of the bridge and dropped lines with very little weight. heaviest was around 8oz to see what was happening . Slammed a few dink rock On white parachutes with pink shads, then moved to deeper water and set the lines out another 30ft or so. As I was done with my little 6 rod spread,Right when the snow kicked up a bit We grabbed a 34" and a 22" on the same tandem! white and Yellow with vice versa shad was the Key today. Nothing touched the chartreuse. It felt more like a snagged bag than a fish, so My buddy spam reeled em up and the leaders made a perfect v. I thought to myself something isn't right.

To the sight of my eyes two fish were on at once! Netted em up in the same net and called it a day with quite a bit of water in the boat from crushing waves. My Rear console Carolina Skiff isn't so great in ruff weather and the bilge wasn't working too well. Meds were wearing off to add, but It was worth the beating. Ran in and fillet up the fish and it was dark and COOOLLLDDD.

Im dumpin the camera tomorrow for some visual excitement. The rock were loaded with 3-6 inch alewives but smashed my 12in shads. I usually don't troll them but it was too cold to mess with it.

I did catch a White planer on the way in. Almost ran it over, If you Know anyone who lost one. Shoot me a bmail and I will be glad to return it.

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