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seems i have been leaving out a few details in my latest posts. thanks to Brandon for pointing this out. so lately i have been fishing the solomons area. these fish have been hanging out in 30-45 feet of water and have been in some heavy currents. my baits of choice have been either 1.5 or 2 oz hopkins shorties or sea strike jigs of any color as far as metal goes. as for the plastics, i start with a 1 oz lead head dressed with either a 6" bkd or a 5-7" bass assassin. most of these schools have not been very thick which makes it a challenge to stay on the fish. some schools you can barely see on the meter, but even the smallest marks on the bottom sometimes hold for the best fishing. sometimes it is a lot of looking for an hour of pullage, other times it is first spot is the ticket and pullage all day long. once you get on these fish, and can stay on them, it makes for an exciting day. you never know what size fish is gonna come over the side of the boat next. i will say if you land on a pod of 16-18" fish, try to find something else. very seldom is bubba lerking with this school. however you can get nice pullage and some nice keepers out of that pile of fish. it just depends on how hard you want to work for the fish. good luck and tight lines. Capt. Kyle
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