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Sword fishing is awesome. This sport fishery in Miami is rapidly becoming the "Hot Spot", second to none in the world. I have been toying with using artificials as bait rather than live. I still use at least a 50% mix with dead jumbo squid and artificial squid. It is becoming apparent that they are more a visual feeder than by scent. But I have not rendered any final conclusions on this.

2 Nights ago I took Peter Wahl from Germany for a night Swordfish trip. Peter has been fishing all over the world even in some of the most remote billfish areas and is well known in the big game sportfish circles as well as salt water magazine publications. He chose South Florida for his attempt to catch his first ever Swordfish. Filming this event was on his agenda as well.

The following is a brief synopsis of how the night went: We left the dock at 7 PM and made our way to the deep water. Since it was still somewhat daylight I stopped on an anchor ball to rig up 3 jumbo squid and prepare everything. As twilight descended we blasted out to my drift point. I immediately sent out an artificial squid on the 50' line and 3 rigged natural squid on the 150, 250, 350 depth lines. It was a crescent moon. Within 5 minutes of the drift we got an knock on the natural squid on the 250' line. The fish came back in a minute or two and finished off the feed and we were "hooked up". In about 15 minutes, Peter maneuvered the fish to the boat. A small "pup" of about 25 lb. was all it was but his Swordfish none-the-less. We, of course, released this fish to grow and entertain again. That drift found us drifting a bit too shallow in my area so I set up the next drift on the deeper side. We made the second drift with no action at all. Looking at the track on the chartplotter we saw that the drift was caught in the stronger current of the gulfstream and pushed us out into the flat, non-structural portion of the sea bottom. We, pulled the lines and ran back to set up for another drift. This time the drift was perfect, current and winds keeping me on the structure and moving slowly along at about 1 1/2 mph. Approximately 1 hour into that drift we were thinking about calling it a night when I noticed the 50' depth, artificial bait, moving to the side. This is apparent by seeing the bottle/float moving and also the LED light rising and moving up current. The line was growing taut and Peter was prepared. We gave the fish a little drop back and came tight quickly. FISH ON!!!!!!!!!! This was no "pup". Clicker screaming as the line ripped off the reel I worked feverishly to retrieve and clear the other 3 lines. 300yds, 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, the battle raged on. Peter was no novice as was apparent by his angling skills. The fish is 50' from the boat and surfacing. WOW! This fish leaves the water and we estimate it at 250 # as it reenters the sea with a resounding splash and takes off on another run. 1hr/15 min, 1hr/30min and the fish once again is within 100' of the boat and takes to the air again. Oh my God! The fish plunges back into the water and rips off again. 1hr/45min and the fish leaps again as we see the LED light flying through the air in the distance and hear the telltale splash of the water on reentry. 2 hours and the fish is now coming in under the guise of exhaustion. Peter got the fish to about 50' from the boat and thinking the battle was over we prepared to take this fish. This "Gladiator of the Sea" had another idea as it made a 300 yard run as if it were never in a 2 hour battle. After 2 hours and 5 minutes this terrific battle of man vs. beast comes to a conclusion when the hook pulls free. NO WAY! Yes way. This Swordfish tried it all, charging the boat, descending into the depths, taking to the air, forcing boat maneuvers, and testing Peter's expert sport fishing skills to the limits to deservedly regain his/her freedom. Peter remarked to me that this fish was stronger than the largest of the Marlins he has caught. Peter vows to return to South Florida for a rematch. A little dejected and somewhat disappointed, but Peter and I were truly satisfied that this mighty fish had won.

Think you got it in you? Come give it a try and let's see!

Capt. Jim
[email protected]
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