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-----Yesterdays Venture on the Chesapeake was like steering a Mack Truck W/O power steering , on a winding Moutain dirt road in the Virginia Hills for 7 hrs --There was a N W breeze , that required constant navagation skills to keep your speed & Course---45 ' was the comfort point --Did Eek out a few nice ones , the largest being 45 1/2"--32#--My Mate " Love Rough Water Eric" Netted em Solo as I couldnt leave the Helm --"Good Job "as several were Green & Full of Piss & Vinager ---
--Now the Reason for saying , gotta do faster today--I Just Relized that Todays Lunch for me at the Deale Elks , Starts at 1300 , Damm don't wanta be too late --

***First Annual DEALE Seafood Festival ***--Deale Elks Lodge --Deale, Md.
----All Ya can Eat --Door Prizes ---50-50- 25.00 --Kids with small stomachs under 12-FREE

---Who Knows I may Auction off a Trip on the Stormy Petrel , --& if I catch one over 45 lbs I may be in a Good enough Mood to Auction off a trip on the Tenacious for 12 Anglers ---Root for me & my mates Selection of Lures This 5-10 outa the West day on the Pond ---geo.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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