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Booked a charter with Capt. Kyle back on the 15th. I canceled due to the predicted 5ft seas, only to wake up to a beautiful day.....go figure. So after scrambling to find another crew, I met Kyle at PLO around 6am. Could not ask for better weather for the end of December. Waves about 1ft and comfortable temps. Managed to get our limit of overs with 2 bonus unders coming right at the end of the trip. Also had a few large fish released. Most fish landed were in the mid to high 30s. My friend Merle took some pics, which I had planed to post, but my other friend Matt managed to step on his camera. So we will see about those pics....
This was my second trip out with Capt Kyle. He has put me on fish each time. Thanks again Kyle!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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