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Quick Fishing Report

Jane Carroll and her brother, Tim Carroll, were light tackle fishing while her good friend, Val Walters, was fly fishing during this trip.

It was somewhat difficult to locate any fish until 8:00am. As we were moving south Jane noticed a flock of working birds and pointed them out to me. From then until 11:15am topwater catching was constant and a sight to see. The action was on the western shore as the eastern shore was very murky from the northwest wind.

After lunch we headed north. We kept catching on topwater until 3:00pm. All fish were caught on a single hook.

Most Productive Fly - 4" crease fly, blue & white body (both on the fly rod and on light tackle)
Most Productive LT - Remove all trible hooks and hardware off a large Rattlin' Chug Bug - tie a 12 to 18 inch leader to the back eye on the Rattlin' Chug Bug - tie a crease fly or any other floating fly to the end of the leader. Very productive and only one hook.

I will be giving a PowerPoint presentation titled 'Fly Fishing the Chesapeake Bay' on 10/21/15. If you come you will have a chance at a donated trip. Please see:
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