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Great Guide for Miami and Biscayne Bay area Fly or Bait

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Fished Miami and Biscayne Bay with Captain Doug Lilliard last Sunday, the guys a pro I would refer him to anybody (954)894-9865. I have fished with other guides, no comparison to him. Really nice guy he planned the whole trip. I told him I was an amatuer was not a problem to him he put no pressure on me, he taught me how to catch the fish. 6 tarpon on only 1 landed used bait and DOA shrimp jigs(I am from Pa so this is all new to me give me some slack please haha), sea trout on a fly and shrimp DOA jigs, ladyfish on jigs, shark on cut bait and fished for barracuda with plugs they were there I couldn't hook them. This guy really busted his butt driving all over to catch the fish I could not thank him enough.
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that sounds like fun how where the rates, pretty reasonable?
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