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Sunday Ike & I departed Taylor's for tog fishing at the High rise area. Just prior to approaching the columns there his engine quit.:yes: Had to anchor real quick.

After investigating the problem we tried to restart with pull rope cord. What a difficult time trying to restart that way due to the high compression.It did not work but I came up with an idea and got it running again.

We decided to leave the area after Ike called a friend for info on the Tog fishing area he had did well in.
We ended up near the 4th Island where others were tog :fishing2:.

To make this short we caught our limit of Tog quickly with the smallest at 18" and the largest at 21" which Ike caught on fiddler crab.:clap:

On the way back in I casted for stripers and caught 2 keeper schoolies.:))

Congrats on that Big one Ike!

BTW,As we entered LC area channel the water police stopped us and checked out our fish count.

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