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This week's Fisherman magazine (Jan. 8th #2 edition) has some great underwater photos on pages 10 and 11 of Rockfish and bait.

Take a few minutes to really study them.Might give you an idea how Rock see our lures.Not sure if a fish and human see the same way though.

The upper one on page 11 shows fish in the background.You can make out the outline of the fish but not much detail.

Whenever I'm diving in clear water - I often swim on my back and look up at baitfish.I can clearly make out the rough size of the fish but not too much of the colors- other then the shade.

The bottom photo of a baitball shows way our rods rattle in the holders :yes:.

The author sells a DVD "Stripers gone wild " be careful typing it - one extra "P" could get you in trouble :D.
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