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Guatemala Fishing Report Jan 10th 2011
You would think that if the spring were eternal, it would have already arrived - but the weather (as in the USA for the last month or so) can be extremely fickle. Over the Xmas period, there was a continuing pattern of low pressure that caused some turmoil for the fishing in Guatemala. The fish would be concentrated one day, but the following day could be scattered over 20 miles - so the fleet could spend a lot of time fishing water that looked great but contained few billfish.
It is in times like this that another significant benefit of 100% catch&release fishing is apparent - easy and clear cooperation between the Captains and teamwork between the boats to find good concentrations of bait and consistent action with the sailfish.
There have still been days recently when the boats have only been raising single digit sailfish in a day, but in the last few days this has really improved significantly. Our boats have been raising as many as 35 sailfish per day in the early part of the week - as well as decent numbers of Blue Marlin which have continued to maintain a strong showing all the way through the early season.
The weather patterns seem to have settle now, as most days are clear with calm seas………so perhaps the Eternal Spring can now be said to have arrived for the season. You can get a closer view of the current sea temperatures that we are fishing in Guatemala by clicking hereWhile taking a break from digging out the snow this week, I heard on the news that 49 of the 50 states now have at least some (snow) precipitation on the ground. I am pleased to report however that there is currently no snow in Guatemala, the temperature this morning in the marina at 7am was 81deg. F and no snow is forecast. If you are either thinking of making a fishing trip this season, or are just tired of the cold and feel like some warm sunshine - pick up the phone (877 763 0851) and let's plan a trip to the Sailfishing Capital of the World !!
We still have one slot left for our shared (economical !) fishing tripin March - if interested, please send me an email at [email protected]
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