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Been waiting to fish the bay for a while and got my chance Friday and Saturday.

Left PA at 4:45 am Friday for the 3+ hour drive to Tilghman. On the water by 8:45. Figured I'd try to rustle up some spot for Live Lining. Tried my usual place but NADA. Water temp was 46 degrees at the "spot" - "spot". Guess they headed out.

Plan B - headed up the Choptank River toward the Airplane Wreck. Did a little trolling - no luck.

Moved to the mouth of the river and found a few birds. Trolled a while and picked up a few shorts. Deciede to move out just north of the Diamonds. Then found some birds and decent marks on the FF. Decided to jig a Crippled Herring and a Dropper fly. That was the ticket. Picked up a limit of a 26" and 24" footballs right away. Found fish in water depths fome 9' - 28', water temp 53 degrees.

More birds showed up and the action kept up. Got lots of doubles on the jig and fly. Had a steady take from 3:00pm until I left dark.

Out Saturday morning to the same spot - lots of boats. Tried jigging but no luck. Switched to trolling some 4" Storms and a 15 Aceta. Tried larger baits but smaller baits seemed to get more hits.

Limited out by 9:00 - caught a few more until I left at 11:00.

All in all - very successful couple of days for me.

I have to give a big thanks to all the guys on TF who helped me start to figure out Bay fishing. The information posted here is awesome.

Can't wait to get back and hit it again.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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