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Me too Buckshot! :LOL:

So Progger, Do you eat them? How much for a pelt these days? Check traps the next day, or wait longer? How many traps you set? Is the tail good for anything?

One day I was wading the north branch of the Potomac fly fishing for trout. I was standing in the middle of the river with water up to my navel, 50 yards from either shore. I looked up to see a beaver swimming directly at me. (I had zero experience with beaver to this point in my life.) When it got about 10 yards from me it started a circle, radius 10 yards with me as the center point. When it completed the circle it slammed its tail on the water and dove. Well, that noise was shocking, in every sense. I could not believe the sound, the power. It scared the daylights out of me. I had no idea where that beaver was but in my mind it was heading my way intent on mauling me. It had taken about 10 minutes of careful and deliberate walking to get where I was but I bet I made it to shore in 10 seconds.

Beavers are cool.

Yeah probably swimming right at your junk!!!
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